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IT Resources, LLC handles all of your IT and Website needs because we believe in a better IT experience and have a real passion for technology; we just don't sell it for a living. We stay on the cutting edge of technology and refuse to cookie cut IT for our clients. Your business stands alone as our top priority and you'll know it from the minute you interact with us. We custom build IT and Web Solutions for each of our clients from scratch!

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Laura Zavatkay, Principal - Robinson High School

"I would highly recommend using the services of IT Resources. I thought that my computer was "history" or that I would need to buy a new one. IT Resources saved the day! The delivery of my computer, the advice given and the repair got me back into the world of technology at a minimal cost and saved a big investment at a critical time. I highly recommend using IT Resources to anyone. Two of my collegues have used this company and were also pleased!"

Ed Hanner
President John Carter & Associates

“Matt McElwreath has worked with John Carter & Associates and my family the last two years on our computer services. He has sold us equipment and provided services during this time. We are a sales company working for 15 to 20 manufacturers selling equipment, systems and service to the electric utility industry throughout the state of Florida. I have been involved in the sales business for over 30 years and I have not seen many people that could provide the service level that Matt has provided my business and family. Matt handled the work load of a job and the work load of getting an education with always a smile on his face and never a complaint. He always was there when needed and followed up to make sure we were successful after his services. Matt is a very unique individual, the more you are around him the more you enjoy his personality. His family values are very strong. He is always flexible and looked forward to providing his services anytime during the day and night. He always performed his job well and takes pride in helping to make us successful in our market place. I believe Matt will be successful in any business and highly recommend his services. I recommend Matt to any company or individual that needs a service level that is highly valued.”

Laura TuttleThe HomeCare Team

“I would strongly encourage any business owner or company to consider using IT Resources when it comes to anything IT. From day to day computer and networking maintenance to out of the box IT problems that can sometimes arise, IT Resources has been a God send for The HomeCare Team. Their quick and responsive assistance coupled with the knowledge they bring to the table is why I have chosen to utilize their skills. As a business owner my time is precious and having them involved with my company has allowed me to stay focused on what I do best, running my business. I leave the IT to them and it has been a win win relationship since I met Matt 10 years ago. I would highly recommend using IT Resources for all your IT needs.”

Nancy Lucas,

“I'm so thankful I was introduced to you because my Macbook Pro is screaming fast now! It stopped working several months ago when I was between jobs. The Apple store couldn't get it to turn on and wouldn't send it out for repair because they said it was too old. I had my kids with me late that night at the mall. I politely put it back in my briefcase, walked out, and had a crying meltdown at the escalator. My kids felt so sad for me. The next day I borrowed a computer so I could keep looking for work and do part time projects from home in the transition. You were so humble about being willing to at least look at it when other repair shops also just said, "It's not worth it." I was grateful and had restored hope. Then you surprised me even further by being creative and knowledgeable enough to replace the hard drive and upgrade the operating system so it's way more powerful and outpaces me. It's just what I needed. Your service was impeccable, your kindness appreciated and your talent admired. I would recommend anyone consult you for their computer needs. You are bright, professional, caring, fairly priced and go above and beyond customer expectations. Potential clients who chose you will have fully functional computers and be happy to write their check to you knowing the productivity and reliability of their technology to support their own business. Best wishes in all aspects of your life, Matt. You are a godsend. ”

Will Murray
Murray Electric

“Matt has been providing IT services for my company for nearly 20 years now. In my profession (construction), You will only find people capable of providing 2 of the 3 qualities of work. These are GOOD, FAST or INEXPENSIVE. If you want Good and Inexpensive, it wont be Fast. If you want Fast and Inexpensive, it wont be Good. And if you want Good and Fast, it wont be Inexpensive. However, Matt somehow manages to provide his IT services Good, Fast AND Inexpensive.”

Chris Meyer,
Director of Client Services,

“Besides being very amiable and easy to work with, Matt McElwreath is extremely up to date and well educated in the IT arena. This is only exceeded by Matt’s level of customer service and desire to educate the customer on what is available and then listen to what the customer wants. When my wife broke her laptop, I told Matt, she only used it to web surf and work her eBay habit. He actually went with me to the local Best Buy, and showed me the lowest cost PC that he could tweak. He then took that PC home, with an extra part that he had me purchase, and turned that $250 PC into a screaming fast machine that can compete with my $1800 laptop. She is still saying how much she loves her new PC – happy wife happy life. Thanks Matt.”

Managed Services

Day-to-day management of your infrastructure and operations to enable agility and scalability.

Managed Web Services

Let us advance your online presence with top-shelf design and innovative development. Our process starts with a face-to-face meeting in which you express your vision and define your goals. Together we can foster a successful strategy that will help you get the results you’ve been looking for.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Let us remove the burden of monitoring and managing your Disaster Recovery infrastructure to give you increased reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your core strategic issues.


We provide our customers with remote, enterprise-wide network management and monitoring. We take full responsibility of your day-to-day network operations and maintenance, freeing your internal IT resources to focus on initiatives that help meet your core business’ needs.


Let us work on your behalf to handle the day-to-day activities that can distract your IT professionals from more strategic initiatives. We ensure your mission-critical desktops and servers have the latest versions of your software and have the most recent security patches installed.


Managed cloud storage ensures your data is available anywhere at any time and can be accessed on desktops, laptops, or even mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

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